Writing for assessment

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How do the IELTS writing assessments work and how can they help me?

MASTER Members will see 10 complete writing assessments (that's 10 x Task 1 AND 10 x Task 2) on this page, and can send their writing to their support tutor for comments, corrections and estimated band score. All the tutors on this site are former IELTS examiners with a minimum of 15 years examiner experience, so you can be confident that the feedback and band score you get are accurate and will help you identify areas for improvement.

We aim to get your writing assessment returned within 48 hours, but if you're taking your test soon and need your writing assessed quickly, then just let your support tutor know and we'll try to get it done as fast as possible.

Remember that all of the tutors on our site are former IELTS examiners, native English speakers and British Council trained, so you can be confident that our estimated band scores, comments and corrections are accurate and will help you achieve your goals!

MASTER Membership also includes 2 live speaking assessments one to one with your tutor - find out more here.